I have been a focus group moderator for over 15 years. I love finding out what participants feel and think whether it be in person or through the Web.

When I started moderating groups, I took MRIA courses to enhance my skills.

Bilingual, generic I have moderated groups or conducted interviews in every province. I have also conducted on-line groups.

Although I have worked on a variety of mandats over the years, I have worked quite extensively  in the financial services sector. I conducted groups or interviews that related to many different aspects such as:

  • Service offer
  • Client service
  • Client satisfaction
  • Image and branding
  • Ad testing (tv, radio, web, written, etc)
  • Product positioning
  • Distribution networks
  • Website (usability, testing, etc)
  • Communication tools and strategies
  • Products (credit cards, loyalty cards, etc)
  • Specialized offers or products (credit margins, etc.)

I have also worked in many other sectors such as tourism, real estate, government departments and agencies, airlines, loteries and games, public transport, telecommunications, etc.

I do not manage projects however which is why I almost exclusively work for research firms directly.

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