Services (English)

What can I do for you? As a marketing consultant, help I can:

  • Provide marketing strategy advice and support.
  • Write or contribute content for business and marketing plans.
  • Write reports, patient backgrounders, and presentations for senior management.
  • Provide action recommendations or plan for projects or other marketing initiatives.
  • Make presentations or project status reports to senior management committees.
  • Act as a facilitator for group meetings or workshops (brainstorming sessions, etc.)

As a qualitative researcher, I can :

  • Develop data collection tools (screeners, questionnaires or interview guides).
  • Conduct focus groups and face to face interviews as well as mini-groups, dyads and triads
  • Write research reports.
  • Present research results to clients
  • Act as facilitator for large groups such as public forums or consultations.

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